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Catering Menu

Available at the following locations:

Bloomington, MN
Burnsville, MN
Duluth, MN
Mendota, MN
Plymouth, MN
Roseville, MN
Bismark, ND

Hor D'oeuvres

Hor d'oeuvres can be butler passed.
One Choice $3 per person | Two Choices $5.5 per person| Three Choices $7 per person

Stuffed Mushrooms

2 pieces per person 

Caprese Lollipops

1 piece per person 


2 pieces per person

Stuffed Tater Tots

1 piece per person 


1 piece per person 

Spinach & Artichoke Dip with Pita Bread

4oz per person 

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp with BBQ Glaze

1 piece per person 

Seasonal Fruit Platter

3oz per person 

Vegetable Platter

3oz per person 

Angus Tips

2oz per person 

Smoked Salmon

3oz Per Person 

Shrimp Cocktail

1 piece per person 


2 pieces per person 

Meat, Cheese, & Cracker Platter

Minimum of 10 people 


Deli Buffet | $15 Per Person

Build your own deli sandwich with choice of two meats. Sliced roast beef, smoked turkey, or ham. Swiss and cheddar cheese with sandwich accompaniments. Served with assorted fresh bread, choice of garden salad with dressing options or pasta salad and kettle chips. 

Pasta Buffet | $16 Per Person

Pasta bar featuring a Chicken Alfredo with penne noodles and a meat or vegetarian lasagna. Served with breadsticks and Caesar or House salad. 

Backyard Buffet | $16 Per Person

Build your own mini slider burger with grilled hamburgers, chicken breasts, buns, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and assorted condiments. Served with kettle chips, coleslaw or House Salad, and baked beans. 

Taco Bar | $15 Per Person

Build your own taco. Hard and soft shells, seasoned ground beef, pulled chicken and all the taco fixings. Served with Spanish rice, refried beans, and chips and salsa. Upgrade to a fajita buffet for an additional $3 per person. 

Lucy's Grill | $22 Per Person

Ribs and roasted chicken brushed with BBQ sauce. Served with Coleslaw, corn on the cob, smashed potatoes, and cornbread. 

Baked Mac n Cheese Bar | $16 Per Person

Build your own mac n cheese, includes mac n cheese, all loaded toppings, diced chicken, and chili. 

Dinner Buffet

Your meal includes one entree selection, bread, one salad choice, one side choice, and one vegetable choice. We include all stoneware, coffee and water service. All table and napkin linens are included - sizing and colors are limited. All prices are for buffet style: Plated is available at an additional $3 per person

Add an additional meat for $2 per person 
When ordering from both Teir 1 and Tier 2 options, it is $26 per person.

Tier 1 | $22 per person

Blue Cheese Meatloaf

Sliced Roast Beef

Pasta Entree
Marinara, Alfredo, or a Rosa sauce with choice of roasted chicken or Italian sausage. Vegetarian or meat lasagna.

Boneless Chicken Breast
Chicken Parmesan, Creamy Parmesan with wild rice or champagne chicken. Other sauces available upon request.

Slow Roasted Sliced Pork Loin
Served with mushroom cream sauce or pineapple chutney

Roasted Chicken

Tier 2 | $30 per person

Pan fried or deep fried. 

Lucky's Sirloin

Lucky's Filet
Lucky's butter, Bearnaise, Black and bleu, or au poivre sauce.

Baked Salmon
Asian BBQ or Lemon Dill Butter.

Grilled Shrimp Skewers

Add an additional meat for $2 per person.

Vegetable Choices

Teriyaki Green Beans
Vegetable Medley
Brussel Sprouts
Steamed Broccoli

Side Choices

Smashed Potatoes
Baked Cheesy Hashbrowns
Macaroni & Cheese
Roasted Red Potatoes 
Wild Rice

Salad Choices

House Salad
Caesar Salad
Bistro Salad 

Boxed Lunch

Sandwich or Wrap | $14 Per Person

Choice of Turkey, Ham, or Roast Beef on Ciabatta or Chicken Caesar Wrap, Buffalo Chicken Wrap, Club Wrap, or Veggie Wrap. Served with kettle chips, fruit, cookie, and a beverage.

Salad | $14 Per Person

Choice of Chicken Caesar, Berry, and Brie, 13 Chopped, Garden, or Dine-O Mite.
Served with a roll and a beverage

Ala Carte

Assorted Soft Drinks | $2 Each

Bottled Water or Mineral Water | $2 Each

Coffee | $15 Per Gallon

Iced Tea | $15 Per Gallon

Lemonade | $14 Per Gallon

Fruit Punch | $14 Per Gallon

Milk | $14 Per Gallon

Orange Juice $14 Per Gallon

Kettle Chips | $10 Per Pound

Pretzels | $10 Per Pound


$5 per slice (unless specified)

Supreme Chocolate Cake

Carrot Cake

Red Velvet


Strawberry Shortcake

Assorted Fresh Baked Cookies | $15 Per Dozen

Assorted Bars | $15 Per Dozen

Fudge Brownies | $15 Per Dozen

Assorted Mini Cheesecakes | $15 Per Dozen


Fresh Start | $7 Per Person

Fruit tray with granola and yogurt

Bakers Specials | $8 Per Person

Fruit tray, muffins, bagels, and cream cheese

Bakers Deluxe | $9 Per Person

Fruit tray, caramel rolls, muffins, fruit breads, and yogurt

Lucky Breakfast | $10 Per Person

Pancakes, fruit tray, and choice of sausage, ham, or bacon

Lucky Deluxe Breakfast | $15 Per Person

Fruit tray, scrambled eggs, hash browns, biscuits, and choice of sausage, ham, or bacon

Breakfast Additions

Bagels with Cream Cheese | $16 Per Dozen

Breakfast Bars | $2 Each

Caramel Rolls | $16 Per Dozen

Assorted Muffins | $15 Per Dozen

Assorted Danishes | $17 Per Dozen

Individual Yogurts | $2 Each